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    Originally posted by TomTom View Post
    Thanks for catching that. Where did you get your Mega and Ethernet Shield from. And which Ethernet shield are you using?
    Is it this ?
    I found a US vendor on eBay that had the Mega 2560 boards last year. Seems like they were around $25 shipped from a US seller. Amazon has them for $45 shipped (with Prime). My POE Ethernet shields came from Amazon last year. They listed a 2-pack of r2 versions for $34.95 and I snapped up the two sets that were left. They are currently running $50-55, but I have seen them as low as $45. You just have to hunt.

    One additional word on the clones, some of them are OK, especially with the boards. The problem I had with a couple of the boards was hung inputs. I tried all sorts of noise suppression, stronger pull-ups, etc. and still ended up with a hung input from time to time. That ended when I went to genuine boards.

    The Ethernet shields were more likely to be intermittent connections or dead. I bought 6 of them - 3 each from two different Chinese vendors and only 1 of them worked reliability.

    YMMV, but my results were too consistent to be circumstantial.