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Arduino powered home environmental system

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    Hard to ready but very interested. Any updates?


      Originally posted by jetkit View Post
      Hard to ready but very interested. Any updates?
      I got real busy at work and trying for a few days off the rest of this week, if I can get to building the cheap air valves I will It's my next step.
      I'm waiting on the Beta Arduino to see if I should update to see if the changes will solve some problems I'm having. Last attempt set me back. I've been watching the beta.

      No sense in writing events until I update. It will be good to share and get more opinions for that too. There is a wealth of different ways to make the events more simple and I hope this project will tap into that, and learn a lot. From reading other topics there are a lot of pro's that could light the way, I just need to display the problem. I will need help sorting out the questions to ask.

      Math I hope gets better, and the update might fix it I posted the functions and the question but no bites yet. I don't know how to sort out the math, There must be another way but I'm not a coder,and I know I need to learn some.

      Jitter on the output to the servo has burned one out, but If a relay is used in series with the 5 volt power feed and activated before and after moving I have prevented another burning out. This might be fixed in the beta update

      It got real cold here -8F and the windows steamed up because I can't read humidity in the house yet.

      Most times the furnace manages the humidity, and provides a discreet value to HS3 but with the big drop the HRV should have run more, but it ices up fast and it would be good to set a timer using the temp probes to recognize the defrost mode and run until the humidity drops to the proper vale for the outside temperature. I have observed how this could be done.
      I'm using a simple timer by way of HS3 that is easily defeated when the HRV goes into defrost mode.

      Let see what a few days off brings for me and I'll see about posting, I have all the materials, now the time, thanks for the knock, I needed it.

      I'm running 3 arduinos by way of the network and they have been rock solid. I would reckon 30 IOP's, and 12 of 1 wire temp, 6 analog. 2 servo. Solid communications.

      I'm working on my PC now, so posts should be WSIWUG. easier to read.