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Ethernet startup after a network fail

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    Ethernet startup after a network fail


    Been testing with a simulated "network failure" and allowing the boards to reconnect. What I've found is that the boards wont connect on their own after pulling the RJ-45 out, leaving for a minute and putting back in.

    Test patients are
    1) Mega with W5100 card (All clones)
    2) Etherten card

    Both are doing exactly the same. After I plug the RJ45 back in I can click on the "reset" button against the device and they will both connect but they wont if I dont press the reset.

    I tested this by setting an event:

    1) If the device is in "connection failed" for more than 1 minute then reset
    2) Event cannot be re-triggered for 1 minute

    This seems to get the device back online now.

    There seems to be 2 possibilities if the board goes AWOL
    1) Power reset, that works fine as it will autoconnect
    2) Network failure on the arduino

    Is there logic on either side that can manage a network failure in the plugin or arduino code ? The event I've tested with seems to get the board back online ok....

    No complaints, just observations. Prefer to fully understand before I implement and get a long face :-)



    I notice this behavior to.
    I have ordered several Arduino’s and Ethernet boards.
    With other project that I have made all the boards an Ethernet devices are working well.
    But with this plugin I have connection error sometimes.
    And also with a restarts some boards are not connecting..
    With a restart the will work.
    Also when the Ethernet is unplug it is not coming online
    The problem is the Ethernet boards with the standard board I have connections errors.
    With the R3 Ethernet boards or the mini W5100 everything is working now without any error.
    And when I restart the system the come online without a reset.

    I don’t no if this is the solution for everyone. But for me this was the solution.

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      Hi Ed

      Thanks for your feedback, pretty much the same stuff I am seeing here. Interesting to see that the R3 boards are now retired and no longer available from themselves...I dont see a replacement on their site...