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Arduino won't cold boot reliably - anyone else have this issue?

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    Arduino won't cold boot reliably - anyone else have this issue?

    I have noticed my genuine Arduino Mega 2560 doesn't come back to life fully after a cold boot. Well, at least the ethernet doesn't.

    Originally, when I just had my board and the ethernet shield and perhaps one sensor, this wasn't an issue.

    Since I've added the "sensor shield" (which is fairly passive), and a handful of sensors, now when I cold boot - typically, it lights up but the SPI bus seems to get hung or something. I know when it's going to work because the pin 13 LED usually flickers with what appears to be data packets (although I realize this is technically the CLK line) when all is good. However, usually on a cold boot, the pin 13 LED blinks once, then stays solid. After several (3 or 10) cold boots of varying duty cycles, I see the LED begin to "flicker" with data after the first pulse - then with in a second, the HS arduino plugin connects and all is good.

    Also, when it's in the "hung" state, no ping is possible. When it's in the "happy" state, pings being immediately.

    As my end plan is to have this located off-site (on the moon as far as I'm concerned) - this isn't great.

    I've looked at the obvious thing - the power supply - but no issue there as it is still supplying full voltage under load. I've also proven this with the addition of USB power in tandem, or just USB standalone. No improvements.

    Curious if anyone has come up with any related discoveries, workarounds or more troubleshooting stories?