I'm posting to hopefully help future generations

For my project, I was looking to measure and report via Arduino to HomeSeer both AC line voltage and current (or at least current sensing in my case).

I purchased two sensors (from China) that appeared to be the ticket.

However, upon trying them, I discovered they don't really do what I was expecting.

The Voltage sensor simply provide a stepped down AC signal that can be adjusted to a range that would put the peak-to-peak voltage within a 5 voltage range.

The current sensor wasn't much different, other than the peak-to-peak voltage (amplitude) has a relationship to the current flowing.

In both cases, I designed hardware "side cars" to get close to what I was looking for.

With the AC voltage sensor, I took the amplitude and converted that to a 0-5Vdc range (adjustable via the china sensor's gain trimmer)

With the AC current sensor, I decided to simply use it to trigger HIGH or LOW depending on current being sensed or not (which is all I required for my application).

I've attached the corresponding napkin scribbles and photos of the boards in place. With the current sensor, I added an LED to indicate that a load was present (or not).

Hope these help others down the road!
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