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Beta V1.0.0.118 issue

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  • Beta V1.0.0.118 issue

    Hello Greig,

    I've upgraded to the latest Beta V1.0.0.118 and discovered an issue with the UNO boards. Since after the upgrade version mismatch was shown I've re flashed the boards with updated code.

    All went fine for the MEGA boards but my two UNO's that I use for LED PWM only work now when connected strictly over the USB. When I drop the USB connection and if I reset the board with on-board rest switch the Ethernet connection lasts for about a minute or so and it gets dropped. The only way to get it back is to reset it and cycle continues.

    The connection is functioning during that time as the logs show updating of the parameters and keep alive check. It seems that after one or two cycles then Ethernet connection gets dropped.

    This is consistent across both UNO boards and also independent of any input/outputs are defined. I've dropped all PWM config with just the board connection status and the issue still persists.

    The interesting thing is that the board will maintain the setting of the PWM level so if I apply the power to the LEDs they will shine at the previously set level without having the Ethernet connection. So it appears that the boards are running.

    I can also ping the boards so IP stack is up as well.

    All MEGAs are fine

    Any idea why the connection gets dropped and how to fix it?


    Little update: Dropped all code except PWM and UNO is now working.
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