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Servo jitter

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  • Servo jitter

    how can we solve servo jitter on the mega ?

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    i found if left unchecked it burns out the motor. i now use a relay to remove power when not needed to move by way of a relay and logic before issuing commands. work for my application that is moving an air damper.


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      The servo library that come with the plugin (or arduino IDE) use Software to emulate servo command.

      the problem with this is that it will generate jitter on the servo line when there is communication with the board

      I have been able to find a library that use HARDWARE to generate servo command.

      I modified it to control 3 or 6 or 9 servo with absolutely NO JITTER

      It will only work with a MEGA2560 Board.

      if you need it , PM me , and i will explain in detail how to use it.