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  • System standby?

    Hello to all.

    First ,sorry for my english.

    I have an system HS3 with 6 arduino mega 2560 and 2 arduino one from 2 yers ago.

    1 week ago, i am updated the system to .293 and the Arduino plugin to .118 versions.

    Now i have this problems :
    1. for all the arduino boards i have the deelay with the first command.
    For example : for baord 1 - if i have the command for any input pin - the board work perfect. but if i don't have any command for 2-3 hours the arduino board it seems in standby and for first command i have the deelay (5-10 sec.). From second work fine but if i have another pause of the commands - after is the same delay.

    2.In the Arduino Plugin Page if change the name of state to Output (by default is OFF and ON - i changed with UP and Down) after reboot af the system the name is OFF and ON (isn't the UP and Down).

    I need your help specialy for the "standby" problem.

    Thank you,

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    Try V.123 this should fix it for you.

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    Other Hardware = ADI Ocelot + secu16, Global Cache GC100, RFXtrx433, 3 x Foscams.
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      Ok.Thanks. Now is all ok