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    Arduino Version

    Greig, very nice job on the version of the Arduino plug-in. I no longer receive memory errors on any of my two Arduino UNO boards.

    Some history: I have one genuine UNO with a Ethernet shield and it has always connected and been very stable. Installing version caused some memory warning with loading the sketch, however the UNO remained connected and was very stable communicating with the Ethernet shield. This UNO has around 13 1-wire temperature devices, 4 output pin controlling LEDs, one input and one analog input measuring voltage. All 1-wire temperature sensors are all DS18B20 units. I recently purchased another genuine UNO and a Ethernet W5100 shield network expansion board. With version I received the same memory warnings as the first board did, however no matter what I did, this unit would not remain connected. It would connect but then a few minutes later, it would disconnect. The only way I could get it to connect again was to power cycle this unit. The first UNO would remain connected the entire time. I was only able to keep the second UNO connected by removing the Ethernet shield and communicating with it via a COM port via USB.

    Greig mentioned he was working on some updates to correct memory and connection issues with the UNO. So I decided to expand my 1-wire network while waiting on a update to the plug-in. The second unit now has an additional 5 1-wire sensors.

    Greig delivered version I applied the new version shortly after it came out and once the sketch was applied (I use the normal plugin not API) the second unit connected immediately and both units has been rock solid since the download. I recently applied version and have seen the same behavior.

    Nice job Greig, I appreciate your work on this plug-in. I really like messing with the Arduino and like the flexibility of this plug-in. I know Randy has had great success with the Mega boards and I was considering purchasing a few just to be able to get around the issues I was having with my second Arduino UNO board. However, I am only scratching the surface with the UNO, they are just what I need right now and will also fit quite nicely in my cabinet.

    Thanks again for all your work on this plug-in, it is appreciated.
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    Billy Draper

    Thanks for your kind words and appreciation of the hard work. It is amazing how much time Homeseer and my plugin takes up.

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