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  • USB reconnect

    Hi Greig

    Just testing the USB side of the house. I note when I unplug a board that the comm port disappears. Appears that the plugin tries to reconnect a few times and then stops.

    When I plug my board back in it wont connect unless I click the connect button. This is also with the autoconnect box checked. Not sure if that does anything for USB ?

    Sep-24 00:29:12 Arduino Plugin Error = Exception in Disconnect close port : The specified port does not exist.
    Sep-24 00:29:12 Arduino Plugin Error = Exception in SendToPort : The port 'COM13' does not exist.

    I can add an event every minute to reconnect if the board shows failed however thats not as elegant as I'd hoped :-) Does it make sense to close the port and stop trying ?

    Your thoughts ?


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    After more testing I found that I was loosing events on USB.....not sure why, turning 16 relays on and off in sucession every 15 seconds to test... I'd be left with some relays turned on...

    Went back to ethernet, rock solid.

    Was going to slow down the baud rate on USB however it looks like Greig did lots of work around ethernet stability so its ethernet for now :-)