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  • vs - ethernet - software conflicts???

    I just got working my first Arduino project. I am using the stable version of the plugin I downloaded the Arduino IDE from the website. It is version 1.6.12.

    To make a long story short I could never get my Arduino shield to work. My project is working just fine with a USB connection.

    As I tried to troubleshoot this I noticed that the boards I bought (Arduino Mega and the Ethernet shield) were from not (purchased from Amazon as "Geniune Arduino")

    So I went to the website and I see that their IDE is at version 1.7.11. I also read a short tutorial about the Ethernet shield.

    So I guess my question is this, because I have purchased .org boards should I be using the .org version of the IDE and its libraries? Are the plugins written by Grieg compatible with this IDE and other llbraries?

    It sure is confusing when you have two organizations claiming to supply "Genuine" Arduino products yet have different software to run them with.


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    I suspect you should be downloading from the link supplied in the plugin, its .cc

    Also there is considerable information about shields, authentic v's clone v's everything else :-) I have about 10 shields here, some work and some dont..

    If you want it to work then get the authentic .cc boards, they cost $$$ if you can find them...

    I have an original and a clone in my setup and those combinations work..The numbers on the ethernet connector is IMPORTANT !

    HANRUN 15/57 and 09/44 are the ones I have working...

    Ones with 15/10 just wont work for me...



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      Looks like the feud is over

      Both websites and have posts that say they have resolved their conflicts and will be working together in a unified manner at the end of 2016. I am sure this will make things less confusing for all and easier for Greig to support products and code coming from only one source rather than two.