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Creating a single momentary push button dimmer.

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  • Creating a single momentary push button dimmer.

    How would I create a single button momentary toggle dimmer switch exactly like how the Fibaro, Aeotec and DHS dimmers all work. Used to push once to turn it off and on and hold down to dim. No z wave dimmers work in my instance. (ripple tone issue among other harmonics I have been told, also dimming range is appauling)
    I then need to link this dimming function to a PWM output.
    I currently have 14 down lights I can control from HS Touch or the HS control panel like a charm with 0% to 100% full dimming range at 20-24 volts with PWM. (works flawlessly and much better range than z wave dimmers have)
    The only thing holding me back from doing more rooms is that I have no way of controlling the lights from a wall switch.
    I can run wires anywhere if needed. Thanks for any help given.

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      I guess this could be done with a single input and some events and a timer.

      start a timer if the button is pressed and then stop and reset it to 0 when it is released.

      If the timer reaches > 2 sec then ramp up the lights until it is reset to 0

      if the timer reaches < 2 sec then toggle the light on or off.

      or if you use the API code you can do all this on the Arduino and then the timers can be a short or long as you want. You can also add double press to this to.

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