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Help with a small project.

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  • Help with a small project.

    Hi All

    I was hoping someone here could help me with a small project I'm trying to get finished.

    Basically the project is to use a load sensor and have its value sent to homeseer. Simple? well not for me

    I am very new to all this so please bear with me.

    1. The plan, Using a load cell connected to a Hx711 load cell amplifier which in turn will be connected to 5V-3.3V level converter connected to a ESP8266-01 board. To be powered by 5 and 3.3V

    2. I have this working fine on a standard Uno connected by USB (without the 8266 and level converter)

    3. My dilemma is as the sketch requires 2 pins to operate, Clock and Data, I cant make it work using the standard sketch, therefore I need to use the API version, but the API version does not support the ESP8266 as yet, and there is a lot of cutting and pasting to do to trim or move ESP code from the standard version which has grown extensively in features.

    4. What I'm looking for is some advice or a API which has ESP2866 connection, At Present I only have one load cell, but intend to have another connected to the same board in the future, if I can get this working.

    5. The Final project will be installed beneath a couple of Liquid Natural gas bottles, the load cell I purchased is a 100kg unit which should be sufficient to measure the weight of the bottle, which will be around 37kg when empty and 45kg when full. Ultimately it would be great to have this thing automatically Zero with some offset coded, if say the weight is below 5kg or something.