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Labeling of Sensors in BL1Wire

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    Labeling of Sensors in BL1Wire

    Hello, I recently got the Temp08 device and have it installed with homeseer and I am hitting a stumbling block. I am unable to rename the sensors.

    Under the device code in the help examples, each were labeled R1 Office temperature and so forth. However unless I am missing something, there is no way to apply a label. At this point I only have the first sensor with in the Temp08 device, but will be adding more later.

    When I go to Sensors, then "Edit" for device number 01 there is a box for "Device Code" however when I enter something similar to the example "R1 Crawl Space" and then click save, I get a message:
    "The following validation error has occurred: Sensor device code must exist in HomeSeer!"

    How do I add a sensor device code with in homeseer? Is it a global variable?

    There wasnt anything that I could find in the help or the forums that described this process for labeling.

    It is expecting a device code that exists in HS
    It will use the device name of your device you created in HS3
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      Thanks, I guess that was the piece I was missing. I thought the sensors would in turn create the device with in homeseer through the plug in, but I guess it was the other way around in that the device needs to be made and then linked to the device name in the plug in.

      I was able to get it going now.