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Humidity Bobcat Polling?

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    Humidity Bobcat Polling?

    Hello Bruce,

    Just a quick question for you. I was checking my log and the largest activity is the following message: bobcat humidity unit 2 has been set to xx
    and gts cpuxa variables variable 10 has been set to xx. It appears to be updating every second? Consequently most of the activity in the log is from the bobcat humidity sensor. Is there a way to change this and if so what is a reasonable recommended polling value? Thanks much !!!! Rick

    There is a setting for polling rate, but that effects all data coming from the Ocelot/Leopard. 500ms is a good number for that.

    I turn off the logging for variables and bobcats by checking the "Do not log commands from this device:" checkbox on the device's utility page. I don't need to see those numbers in the log, I see them in real time on my touch screens and phone/tablets.

    If for some reason you need to see them in the log but with less frequency, you could create an event that triggers anytime the variable/bobcat changes and run an immediate script that writes the device value to the log. Then you could set the event's "Cannot Re-Run For:" value to whatever you want.



      Thanks much Bruce !!!! I will just disable the logging of variables and bobcats because as you say they are shown on device management screen and on our displays. Thanks again !!!! Rick