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secu16-I devices no longer show

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  • secu16-I devices no longer show

    HI I have been using this plugin since moving from HS2 to HS3 around 10 months ago. I have been running a Ocelot connecting to 8 SECU16-I boxes for 6 years plus no problem.

    Now only one SECU16-I device is showing as connected to the Ocelot box when I go to the Config page of the plugin in HS3, I believe the house had a power failure while away on holiday.

    I have restarted everything a couple of times in different orders, I have deleted all the devices and recreated only one module returned. The Ocelot device and the SECU16-I lights are all flashing as normal. Nothing is has a power failure and the comms lights blink regular.

    What can I do next? I am wondering if some file is corrupt? No clues in the start up log it just says the plugin is starting?

    thanks for all help

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    Hello techboy,

    Do the units show up in CMAX? You can find a CMAX download link at the top of this forum in the description thread.

    If the units do not show up in CMAX, you may have a Secu16-I addressing problem and you could try to re-address them. I have seen addressing problems with extended power outages.

    If the units show up in CMAX and if you see them in the log when the plugin starts, your HS3\Config\hspi_gts_cpuxa.ini file may be hosed. You could delete all your secu16i devices, shutdown HS3, and delete the hspi_gts_cpuxa.ini file. The file will be recreated when you restart HS3.

    Let me know what you find out.



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      Hi thanks

      Bruce logged in with CMAX out of the 8 devices it only shows connection to 1 device what is the best way to re-address them it has been along time since I have done that and only once then.



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        It's been awhile since I addressed units myself and as I remember, its always a fun adventure. Here is the document I used last time I did it.



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          I did the auto address for the modules and each time it moved onto the next address number, I added six devices in total. However it only shows devices in address locations 3/4/5. What does this mean why doesn't it show 1/2/6 theses where registered as part of the auto address routine? please see screen shot Click image for larger version

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          thanks for all help feeling confused....
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            You may have a bad unit that is messing up your addressing. From what I understand the guys at Automation Tec are very prompt with hardware support issues. You can start with them here.

            I would test each unit individually by only connecting one at a time and make sure it is working properly. The ADICON guys at Automation Tec may have a better way of getting to the bottom of this particular hardware problem.

            I do remember a few years ago fighting with a similar problem. It took me a few hours of readdressing to get all units back on the ADNET.



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              Thanks Bruce
              I have contacted them fingers crossed