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KMTronic 8 Channel IP Relay

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    KMTronic 8 Channel IP Relay

    We already have a plug-in for Sonoff's with Tasmota firmware which works great and we use it all the time, but sometimes WiFi isn't good enough especially for controls outside of the home or in a situation where reliability is important. For these cases we introduce the KMTronic Web Relay, an Ethernet based 8 relay device with optional DIN mounting. With the Web Relay we can control 8 individual relays using HomeSeer and our KMT Plug-in. We already use these both inside and outside of the building and find them very reliable and cost effective especially as compared to devices such as the Adam 606x at 5 times the price.

    The Plug-in can be found in the Homeseer Plug-ins Manager within Analog & Digital Input/Output Device

    If your interested in 20% off the hardware from KMTronic then PM me for a discount code.


    To be sure, This hardware and plugin permit an On/off control over anything in this four exemple?


    - 12VDC/15A
    - 24VDC/15A
    - 125VAC/15A
    - 250VAC/10A


      The website is in euro . Does that mean it wont work in usa/Canada?

      not sure how to power this board with 12 volts


        Ha sorry. Nevermind I am on Linux.

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          lan relay w8crd works from direct ip address but not in homeseer, tryed changing the line to,, with no change and will not run the relay, dose say there is an update but nothing else, I would guess it is a firmware update but where and how would be usefule

          after the patch the w8crd works in homeseer


            Firstly, upgrade the plug-in to the latest version if not already done so, then fire it up, set an output and then copy/paste the DEBUG tab and I'll tell you what's wrong?


              please add w8crd to your homseer app,
              also for the ds1820 add Fahrenheit to your homeseer app


                No support for HS4?