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KMTronic Lan -> DS8120 Temperature Monitor

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  • KMTronic Lan -> DS8120 Temperature Monitor

    Started with Version the plug-in now supports reading sensor values from the KMTronic DS1820 Module with up to 4 one-wire DS18B20 sensors attached. Documentation has been updated to support these changes and the plug-in should be available live in a day or two.

    The LAN-DS1820 Web Temperature Monitor is an industrial grade device requiring 12V DC and a network connection. You can of course use POE with the addition of a TRENDnet TPE-1045 or similar as I do. The device will support up to 4 sensors in parallel

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    got it working, how to I set it homeseer to Fahrenheit temp


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      So the plug-in just reads whatever value the DS1820 module reads and loads that into a virtual device and I'm not sure if this can be changed on the unit but I've asked the vendor if its possible. If not then I'll simply make the plug-in do the conversion for you and I'll update you either way.

      Since visits to this forum are irregular I've raised the issue on the tracker at

      Confirmed: Going forward with temperature conversion within the plug-in. Anyone willing to beta this?
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        Version 1.055 now includes temperature in Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, Réaumur, Rømer & Planck. Its been submitted to HS but may take a few days to reach the updater.


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          the patch is great on the first sensor, but the second sensor is reading the temperature seen in the advanced tab, but will not display the temperature in the device window and the graphics setting is the same
          by the way thank you for the F settings at least for the one that is working it display correctlly


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            Found the problem, thought I would share with all, my temp was 167f, had to increase the -50 50 to -50 200 in the graphics section and the the temperature reads