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Plugin feature request, full Pimoroni Automation Hat support.

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  • Plugin feature request, full Pimoroni Automation Hat support.

    Hi, Spud

    Is there anyway that you could upgrade the plugin to use the full abilities of the Pimoroni Automation hats?

    These two hats give you three 24V tolarent digital inputs and digital outputs and either one or three form C relays depending on which hat you purchase. From what I can tell this part of the board is already comparable with the plugin.

    In addition these boards have three 24V tolerant ADC input however they can only be accesses using I2C. This is the place where you would have to write an addition to the plugin in order to access the ADC. Pimoroni does supply a complete Python library for the Automation hats.

    For about $25 bucks or so one can have a very complete IO module built around the Raspberry Pi Zero W. With three inputs, three outputs, one relay and 3 ADC channels.

    As is this would make a very inexpensive Garage door opener, which is how I plan to use on, or other digital IO device. With the addition of the ADC many other possibilities open up.

    Please consider adding the ADC ability to the plugin.
    John (N6BER), Joyce, Lucas (Golden Ret mix), Bella (Great Pyrenees) and Lance (GP).

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