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Using the Raspberry Pi plugin where the network connection to the Pi is over WiFi

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    Using the Raspberry Pi plugin where the network connection to the Pi is over WiFi

    Hi All,
    Is anyone using this remote plugin on their RPi and the network connection between their HS3 box and the RPi is Wifi and not Ethernet? I am attempting to do this and am having mixed results. When I connect to my RPi via ethernet, the plugin works great, rock solid. When I connect to the Pi over Wifi, it is not as stable. When it does disconnect,

    (Exception deserializing message: The input stream is not a valid binary format. The starting contents (in bytes) are: 01-00-00-00-01-00-00-00-FF-FF-FF-FF-01-00-00-00-00 ...
    Cannot access HomeSeer API
    Oct-16 17:13:01 INFO Shutting Down plug-in

    it takes a while to reconnect. I started out by using the built in Wifi on the RPi 3 B+. I also tried it over the RPi ethernet port with a Netgear Wireless to Ethernet bridge. It worked better but still loses connection periodically. I have tried various hardware configurations between the HS3 windows box and the RPi. I have tried different routers and access points. I just cant keep a good stable connection with the remote plugin. The Wifi signal is strong and other applications (web browser and VNC) seem to work well. I can ping back and forth between the Rpi and the HS3 box and differing times and packet sizes and show no lost packets. I don't have any sophisticated network monitoring tools. Any suggestions?


    I'm running mine remotely on WiFi with a wired HS3 host, and have had no problems. I have a wifi access point not too far away, and two wifi cameras connected to the AP.

    Be sure the RasPi is getting good signal and that there is not saturation of the wifi.

    I'm using a Raspi3 with wifi built in. Absolutely no problems for the 6+ months it's been running.

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      Thanks. That's great information to know. I will keep digging. Anyone else?


        If you can connect over ethernet without any problems then it's got to be something with your wifi. Are you in the building with lots of wifis? Check wifi interference and change the wifi channel or set the channel to Automatic if your router allows to do that. I have 5 raspberries here and they all work over wifi with wired HS3 system without any problems.


          Thanks. I am zeroing in on the problem (I think). I have one box with might be a faulty wifi nic. Thanks for the feedback.