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Upgrading RaspberryIO on Remote Pi

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    Upgrading RaspberryIO on Remote Pi

    I noticed that an update to RaspberryIO is now available in the Installed Plug-Ins. I'm running on a PC with a remote Raspberry Pi. When these version updates come out, do I need to install the update on both the Windows HS3 system and the Raspberry Pi?

    If both, are the update instructions any different than the initial install, and if so, where can I find them? I'm on now, so I doubt I'll bother updating since it's been solid and reliable, but I'm just wondering because some day I'll likely either install another or want to upgrade for a feature/maintenance reason. Thanks.

    to upgrade you just need to install the update on the RaspberryPi
    there is no specific instructions for update, just follow the remote install instructions from the user guide