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    Security question

    Hi Spud,
    I want to try RaspberryIO.
    I have my HS3 PC running at home and want to place the raspberry remotely in my workshop outside my local network.
    I have a static IP in my workshop.
    At home I have a DynDNS.
    Now I want to control the GPIO's of the Raspberry remotely from my HS3 machine at home.
    Is this possible with your plugin and how safe is it ?

    Best regards,

    Does your shop have a separate Internet service from your house?

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      Setup a VPN on your routers at each location. This will give you network connectivity between the two buildings. Once you have the VPN setup I think it will work since you will be able to route traffic between the two locations across the VPN.


        Originally posted by dzee View Post
        Does your shop have a separate Internet service from your house?

        Yes, the internet provider is different (Vodafone/Telekom)


          The VPN would be best but in addition to setting up the VPN, you'll have to setup a route and have different subnet IP ranges on the LAN side in each building (e.g. 192,168.1.x in the house, and 192.168.2.x in the building).

          How far away is the building from the house? Is there any opportunity to do a point-to-point wireless connection using exterior line-of-sight? Then you don't even need the VPN

          Finally, another way to do this would be to port forward on your house router to your HS3 machine and set the RaspIO IP address to the WAN address of the house (which is where I presume your HS3 system is located). Since you don't want just ANYONE who sends HS3 API calls to that port on at your WAN address to affect HS3, you'd want to limit the port forwarding to the WAN IP of the building. You'd have to setup port forwarding to the RaspPI address and again, limit the IP filtering to just the House WAN IP in the other location..

          Like I said, VPN would be best because you can just put in the address of the HS3 machine, and the routing will get it there, but a point-to-point wireless or hardwire between buildings would not only be easiest, but reduce your internet bill, if that's possible. Either of those will also enable you to transfer files and remote into machines between the buildings, while the port forwarding won't.

          SPUD, Is all this happening on port 10400 via the API? What about sending commands to the RaspIO device? I haven't packet sniffed this.