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Error registering license, RaspberryIO remote-pluggin

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  • Error registering license, RaspberryIO remote-pluggin

    I think I have a problem with RaspberryIO lisence. I've tried to search the forums, but cant find a desent answer.
    HS3 is running on a Win10 computer, and as described in the manual I should disable the pluggin on this host. If I do, my remote systems under remote pluggin dissapears. When I enable it again (on Win10) the systems again pops up, but the problem is that then I see that the trial counter keeps counting down. So I guess my system will stop working when it gets to zero.

    If I try to Register Online on the remote systems, with the same code as I am using on HS3/Win10, i get the message: Registration failed: "XXXXXX" (My license) : Error registering license: License does not match product ,raspberryio,->,arduinoplugin,
    (Homeseer gave me the norwegian letter Æ in my password, can that be the problem?)

    I've also started a new instance under pluggins with the same name as on my RPI systen, here it looks like the system is OK, but the Trial warning is still there. If I enable the pluggin on win10, it still stands as disabled under pluggins.

    So, is this normal, or will my system stop when the trial ends..

    Raspian Stretch Lite 4.17 Debian 9.6 (and one with full, desktop version)
    Mono JIT compiler version 4.6.2 (Debian
    Pi2 Model B

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a bug in HS3, it should not show "Trial with X days left" for remote instances, but it will not prevent you from running the remote instance when trial period has ended.


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      OK. I can live with that.. Thanks for quick reply..


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        Same issue on build .500 on linux.

        So it is safe to ignore this "trial with X days left" message?


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          Originally posted by Smartdave View Post
          Same issue on build .500 on linux.

          So it is safe to ignore this "trial with X days left" message?


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