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Multiple Instances of the Plugin on Raspberry Pi's

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  • Multiple Instances of the Plugin on Raspberry Pi's

    Can I connect two Raspberry Pi's to the same Homeseer HS3 where I have a different Instance name in run.hs in each of the Raspberry Pi's?
    If so, how do I distinguish between the devices in Homeseer?

    I tried this and both Raspberry Pi's connected, but it appears I only see the devices for the second Raspberry Pi to be connected in the Plugin>RaspberryIO>Config

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    Try to give each a different name of the instants example rpio1 and rpioi2 this has to be in the pi itself and the instance you created for the io, then you should see both usally bold


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      thank you, this weekend I built a relay assembly and put it on another raspberry pi, free version, it took hours since I started with a lite version of then latest version if raspberry, everything worked fine just hat to make the relays default off, now I have 8 in a nice neat package, thank you for the cool software, Tj