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Duplicate GPIO Devices

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    Duplicate GPIO Devices

    Hi Spud, I've been running RaspberryIO 3.0.012 for some time but suddenly several months ago, I could no longer detect dry contacts connected to GPIO input pins. At first I thought it might be that my RPi GPIO was blown, but GPIO pins set for output were fine. I swapped RPis, and the exact same behavior continued. I tested the dry contacts with a multimeter and they were fine. I finally got to the bottom of it today and found that duplicate devices had been created for all the GPIO pins I had defined (input & output).

    While the GPIO outputs would fire using either the old or new HS3 devices, only the new HS3 devices would report the correct status of GPIO inputs. No Debian OS or RaspberryIO plugin changes had been made, nor RaspberryIO on the HS3 Windows host, but I believe I updated HS3 itself at some point.

    Have you ever seen or heard of duplicate GPIO devices being created? Can you think of anything I may have done that would have caused HS3 and the RaspberryIO Plugin to create duplicate GPIO devices?

    In any case, once I realized what was happening, I deleted the old devices, updated the RaspberryIO plugin on the RPi and HS3 system to the latest, and revised all my events and HSTouch screens to use the new devices. As you might imagine, I'd like to avoid doing that again, so I'm just wondering if you've seen this behavior and can tell me any conditions I might have caused, or if this may have been a bug addressed in the I just installed on the RPi (HS3 Windows host shows

    Apart from this hiccup, this plugin with the RPi has been rock solid and reliable. Thanks.

    Yeah I heard about a duplicated devices problem a long time ago, see this thread, it can happen when the plugin fails to scan the existing devices.
    See if you get the error mentioned in that thread when you start up the remote plugin. If you can consistently replicate the problem please let me know how and I will have a look.