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Cannot control RaspberryPi devices with a script

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    Cannot control RaspberryPi devices with a script

    I installed the RaspberryPi Plugin and when I go to the HS3 Menu tab, I can control physical relays connected to a Rasbberrypi Device by Clicking on the On and Off buttons for one of the devices.
    I also setup a event that, when manually executed, toggles one of the Raspberry devices whose output is connected to a relay's coil input and this also works great with the relay turning on or off.

    The issue is, that when I try to toggle the device using a script, the relay does not change(if its Off, it stays Off and if On, stays On)

    The test script is listed below:

    Public Sub Main(parms As String())
    if hs.devicevaluebyname("RaspberryIO Zone1ControlRelay") = 1 then
    hs.setdevicevaluebyname("RaspberryIO Zone1ControlRelay",0)
    hs.setdevicevaluebyname("RaspberryIO Zone1ControlRelay",1)
    End Sub

    you can't control a HS device using setdevicevaluebyname, you have to use CAPI. There is hundreds of threads in the forum about that, here is one:


      I found the issue, I have to use CAPI controls to actually turn on and off the devices from a script. I changed the script to use CAPI controls to control the Raspberry devices and it now works great. I finally have my sprinkler controller working great.