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    Feature Request

    Hello Spud,

    Long time Homeseer user here.

    I am new to RaspberryIO but have it running 2 four channel relay boards for lawn sprinkler control.
    HS installed on dedicated Windows 10 machine running RaspberryIO on a pi 3B+ remotely.
    Works great!

    In testing I find if a relay was set to ON by an Event or Manual control and a freak network or HS Server failure occurs the relay will remain ON indefinitely.
    This could potentially happen with other devices that could be left OFF too long.
    I understand this probably only applies to those of us using RaspberryIO remotely.

    Is there a way for RaspberryIO to ping HS on an interval to verify a connection and return to a default value on failure?

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Does the relay have to stay on for the sprinkler to function or can you just send a pulse-on/off?


      Yes. My events set the Zone relay to ON and then after the desired time sets it to OFF.
      Works great. Allows endless control.
      Problem could arise if HS server or network issue prevented RPI from getting OFF call.
      I tested and it all catches up when network and HS server back running again but could have flooded yard and huge bill.
      My HS computer is dedicated, has mirrored SSD drives, UPS and the network is wired via a gigabit switch.
      Very robust system but stuff happens.