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Value of input pins cannot be modified

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    Value of input pins cannot be modified

    I installed the plugIn on the Raspberry Pi 2 and now is connected to HS Server.
    I created an instance on the Server with 2 In and 2 OUT but i have this error on the raspberry pi remote (with the plugin) :

    "Value of input pins cannot be modified"

    Is possible help me please?

    Thank you,
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    it looks like something is trying to set the value of an input Pin (event, script, direct control from device management page?), which is not possible.

    Could you set the log level to Debug and tell me exactly what you are doing when this error shows up?


      Hey Spud.

      In the attachment file is the file log of Raspberry pi remote (is .jpg file) and of the HS Server (.pdf file).

      I have this configuration of HS server(3.png file) :
      - GPIO 2 - input (with pull-up resistor)
      - GPIO 3 - input (with pull-up resistor)
      - GPIO 18 - OUTPUT 1
      - GPIO 19 - OUTPUT 2

      To the GPIO 2 i have an button (with the GND).

      I have 2 events (4.png file).

      I have the error when i pull the button or change the GPIO 2 (on the hs server web page) to OFF.

      Thank you for your help.

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        GPIO 2 is configured as an input, so you can't control its value from HS, you can't use an event to set it to On like in your screenshots.

        you are not even supposed to have on/off buttons associated to the device for GPIO2, I guess you manually added those controls...


          Thanks Spud.

          I deleted the last line of my events and now works.

          Thanks again,