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Unable to connect or use after HS3 upgrade

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  • Unable to connect or use after HS3 upgrade

    Hi there,

    I have an EZIO6I that I used daily with HomeSeer 2 (on WinXP) for detecting when my door intercom was activated.

    I upgraded to HomeSeer 3 on Windows 7 and have not been able to use the HS3 SimpleHomeNet plug-in.

    I've entered in the device address and gone through all the steps and have it configured exactly as it was in HS2.

    I'm using Mark's Insteon plug-in for almost every lightswitch in my home and have even tried resyncing the EZIO with the PLM.

    The device's status does not update and when I go to edit the Analog thresholds I simply get "Error getting data from device"

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I should note that I can connect to it and read/write to it from the SimpleHomeNet Utility

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    Are you able to configure any of the other settings? Editing the Analog thresholds uses extended Insteon messages and are prone to timing out if there are any network congestion or communication problems. You may also try deleting the device and re-adding it using the plugin. It is possible that during the initial setup, something didn't get configured correctly which may be causing a problem.

    If this doesn't work for you, please post a copy of your SimpleHomeNet.ini file for me to review.



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      So I've tried re-adding the device several times, but still seems not to communicate.

      I'm not 100% sure how to actually tell if the plug-in is seeing the EZIO or not. I'm assuming it isn't since the EZIO devices that were created are not changing status and since I can't load the Analog threshold data.

      Also, I don't think there would be communication issues since the PLM is actually plugged directly into the 120v socket on the EZIO (and has been for a few years with no prior issues)

      Anyway, I've attached a link to the INI File

      Let me know what you find!

      - Brandon


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        Everything in the INI file looks correct. Could you change the logging level to debug. Once the logging level is set to debug, try controlling an output and then post the HomeSeer log so I can try and determine what is happening.



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          This is very strange...

          I turned on debug logging in the plug-in and range my door intercom.

          The EZIO triggered in HomeSeer and everything worked! EXCEPT... the plug-in didn't log anything??

          Thanks for somehow making it work!

          But how? And why didn't the plug-in log anything?


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            That is strange. My only though would be that the plugins didn't properly initialize for some reason. Have you restarted HS since this problem began? You can also try disabling and then re-enabling the SimpleHomeNet plugin. Hopefully this will reset everything and get the logging to work properly as well.



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              I've restarted both HomeSeer and the plug-in a few times in the 2 days and the plug-in seems to be working pretty well.

              1/3 of the time when HomeSeer starts up, however, the plug-in won't be able to find the EZIO but after a few minutes it connects and works just fine.

              I noticed, however, that (with debugging on) the plug-in will keep logging "homeseer is starting up, waiting 5 seconds" for a few minutes, even after HS has started up completely.


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                I'll take a look at the startup actions in the plug in and see what's going on.