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Ultra1Wire3 Does not see my sensors

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  • jrfuda

    I think there were corrupt characters in the host name that were causing the problems. Somehow hostname was:
    Host Name:	 	OWSERVER_1WIRE_1�؀9w
    Changed it to OWSERVER1 and now it's working.

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  • jrfuda
    I'm also getting this error

    The OWServer connection failed due to an error: The operation has timed out

    However, I can ping the device all day long with a 5-7ms response, and Ultramon shows it up for the past 18 hours (since I installed it). Is there something going on with the plugin? Currently, the firewall is disabled on my HS server.

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  • jrfuda
    started a topic Ultra1Wire3 Does not see my sensors

    Ultra1Wire3 Does not see my sensors

    Just installed Ultra1Wire3 to use with my new OWServer V2 ENET. I have a single DS18B20 connected to the OWserver and it registers fine in the OWServer web page. The OWServer is also automatically found by the plugin. However, my sensor does not show up anywhere in HS, including the plugin interface. I also get this error in the HS Log:

    The XML document returned by the OWServer was not valid XML.

    In the OWServer webpage, under details I get:

    Firmware Version:	 	1.44
    Devices connected:	 	1
    Poll Count:	 	379
    Loop Time:	 	1.023 Sec
    Device Name:	 	OWServer_1Wire_1
    Host Name:	 	OWSERVER_1WIRE_1�؀9w
    MAC Address:	 	D8:80:39:77:D9:A2
    Date / Time:	 	2017-02-11 20:23:36
    Connection status:	 	\
    Name	DS18B20	
    Description	Programmable resolution thermometer	
    Family	28	
    ROMId	DC031681DEBEFF28	
    Health	7	
    Channel	3	
    RawData	94014B467FFF0C1026FF00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...	
    PrimaryValue	25.2500 Deg C	
    Temperature	25.2500	
    UserByte1	75	Write
    UserByte2	70	Write
    Resolution	12	
    PowerSource	255
    When I go to the Details XML in the OWServer interface, I get this:
    This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 17 at column 11: Encoding error
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.
    439 1 1.023 0 0 1 0 0 0 4.85 4.84 4.84 5.07 OWServer_1Wire_1
    So it looks like my OWServer is producing a bad xml file. Is this the issue or is there something else? Any suggestions to fix it?