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Global Cache Temp08 and HS3

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    Global Cache Temp08 and HS3


    I'm having some issues with the plugin that I installed as a trial last night on my Homeseer (HS3 Pro Edition running embedded win7 on an S6 Hometroller. After initial success using the Global Cach ethernet to serial gizmo with Temp08 and your plugin, it's now whining and I'm not sure what to do about it.

    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational Watchdog Timer reconnect attempt succeeded.
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational Getting TEMP08 version ...
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational Disabling TEMP08 update interval ...
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational Setting TEMP08 temperature format ...
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational Enabling TEMP08 Serial Number ID display ...
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational Setting TEMP08 Clock ...
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Informational TEMP08 Device connection to (
    Mar-01 7:54:30 AM Warning Watchdog Timer indicates No response response from the TEMP08 device '' for 2113 seconds.. Attempting to reconnect ...

    Following are some screen shots that may be helpful

    Any suggestions?


    ps. Not sure what to enter int the device serial field...
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    guidence / suggestionsb


    In the possibility you missed this post, I wonder if you could give me some instruction.

    What are the configuration values I need for the plugin? Your doc for temp08 (I'm assuming) is connected with GC gizmo and it shows two IP addresses where I would expect only one... Which one is needed? I just used the IP address for the GC in both and it worked for a bit then died.

    Any idea why my connection fails? The GC is alway responsive when I connect to it. I'm sure you have heard this zillion times but my LAN is pretty solid and I'm doubtful it's me. This leaves the GC, the host PC Hometroller S6 with win7 or the plugin as initial guesses.,

    Thanks for any help



      At this point, I assume you have the serial cable from your Global Cache device connected to your TEMP08. Log into the Global Cache Device, then confirm the serial connection is setup as follows:

      Multiple Ports: Disabled
      Baud Rate: 9600
      Flow Control: None
      Stop Bits: 1
      Parity: None
      Data Bits: 8

      Then, using a program like PuTTY, connect to your Global Cache using a telnet connection type to, port 4999. Once connected, you should be able to send a command like tmp to get readings. Once this connectivity works, you can use it with the Ultra1Wire3 HSPI.

      Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR