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    My plug-in performs queries of the XML data to get the sensors supported. If you're creating custom sensor types in the XML output, then I'll need to add support for them. Please send me the complete XML for all sensors and I'll add support for them (assuming they are temperature, humidity, counter, light or pressure sensors).

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      Thank you Randy.

      Just standard temperature, combo temperature/humidity, counters (dual).

      Been purchasing these sensors since the 1990's.

      AAG, Midon and Hobby board sensors. Last bulk purchase was of the midon pc boards with no sensors on them a while ago.

      So currently in the testing RPi owfs / digitemp configuration have 6-7 sensors.

      The PHP file just grabs the listed sensors via OWServer.

      Still wanting to add more combo sensors to the RPi. Only connecting the one dual counter sensor for lightning counts.

      Second RPi will be installed in the basement for temperatures, humdity sensors on the main floor and basement.

      digitemp -a -q -c /etc/digitemp.conf

      28CFD8F4020000F5 : DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
      268CC814000000DC : DS2438 Temperature, A/D Battery Monitor
      26993AF50000008F : DS2438 Temperature, A/D Battery Monitor
      26B3CA1400000096 : DS2438 Temperature, A/D Battery Monitor
      263B3AF5000000BD : DS2438 Temperature, A/D Battery Monitor
      1D37C907000000FC : DS2423 4Kbit RAM + Counter (dual counter) .Also use a dual counter for two water meters.

      ROM #0 : 28CFD8F4020000F5 attic
      ROM #1 : 268CC814000000DC bathroom
      ROM #2 : 26993AF50000008F hallway
      ROM #3 : 26B3CA1400000096 master bedroom
      ROM #4 : 263B3AF5000000BD office
      ROM #5 : 1D37C907000000FC lightning

      For the attic may add 3 more combo sensors for the 2nd floor.

      My favorite combo temperature / humdity sensors are the old AAG's which are tiny. The four above are the old AAG combo sensors....smallest footprint for me.

      Over the years have purchased much of the 1-wire stuff. (~20 years of this stuff).

      I also have 4 Temp08's and 2 Temp05's but want to reduce the footprint of this stuff and just put it on the network. (and multiple Maxim RS-232 9097, USB 9097's here).

      I am using the USB 9097 to test with. It is using the same design except it uses two stereo jacks for the 1-wire connections.

      For the above testing PHP file it is just a PHP script written to emulate the OWServer XML file written to work with the Vera device so you do not need to purchase an OWServer.

      The Domoticz also utilizes the standard OWServer files but reads them in Lua. (C based).

      My last test created an XML file as documented in the EDS XML file example above. The plugin did not create any variables (well one) from said EDS details.xml file example above.

      I have not yet created an XML file with humidity and counters...just using the example PHP file to create temperature sensors...which plugin is not reading.

      Figured if the plugin doesn't read the temperature sensors then it will not read any of the humidity or counter sensors.

      So for a temperature sensor it prints out to XML file:

      28CFD8F4020000F5 : DS18B20 Temperature Sensor ROM #0 : 28CFD8F4020000F5 attic

      <owd_DS18B20 Description="Programmable Resolution Thermometer">
      <PrimaryValue>31.4375 Deg C</PrimaryValue>
      <Temperature Units="Centigrade">31.4375</Temperature>

      For the combo sensors right now it is only reading the humidity value (first of two per sensor) as I have not changed the PHP file to look for the humidity sensor.

      If I could see the owserver standard xml value for the DS2438 I can change the PHP file to be the same.

      <owd_DS2438 Description="Smart Battery Monitor">
      <PrimaryValue>38.1989 Deg C</PrimaryValue>
      <Temperature Units="Centigrade">38.1989</Temperature>

      For one of two counters it shows:

      <owd_DS2423 Description="Parasite power counter">
      <PrimaryValue>10759 Deg C</PrimaryValue>
      <Temperature Units="Centigrade">10759</Temperature>

      The owserver program has a owread function to read any of the values presented by the owserver
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      - Pete

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