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OW-BIB Vibration Sensor Support?

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    I just installed a second vibration sensor to the Washing Machine. I was initially going to install it on the Dryer first because I thought it would be easier to interpret the vibration signatures. However the primary machine operator (my wife) said that it would be more useful on the washing machine. Next step will be to observe the vibration signatures over multiple operation cycles so I can properly adjust the threshold for the annunciator.


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      Originally posted by jmaddox View Post
      Might also be useful as a 'knock' sensor on the front door. Let us know if you get it working.
      Now that I have had it installed for week, I can tell that the sensor itself would have NO problem for a KNOCK sensor on a door. The problem will if the polling cycle of the One-Wire Server and the Poling cycle of the plugin (does it use polling?) will reliably catch a short duration event like a "Knock". There is a setting in the sensor to set alarms to monitor a preset threshold. That might be a way of catching short duration events but the ability to set/reset and read the alarm state is not captured by the current plugin version. BTW you would probably get false positives every time the door was open and shut.