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1-Wire with Geist / ITWatchDogs ?

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  • 1-Wire with Geist / ITWatchDogs ?

    I have a number of 1-wire based sensors currently being logged using Geist RCU-O, RSMini, WatchDog 15 and similar devices from ITWatchDogs and Geist. I would like to be able to access the data from these sensors and take actions based on them. Does Ultra1Wire2 support any of these devices, or are there other 1-Wire servers that might support the Geist Temperature, Airflow, Humidity, Dew Point (RTAFHD3) sensors that I have installed to monitor HVAC supply/return?

    I am also using the readily available inexpensive 1-wire temperature sensors with my Brultech GEM, but the additional airflow and humidity data is useful for HVAC monitoring, not to mention they are already installed and working with the Geist devices, and the historical logging data for the Geist is limited by memory.

    Yes, these devices do support SNMP and there is a full MIB available. No, I am not skilled enough to write code to poll the SNMP and manage what I need from there...