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Ultrawire support for Fibaro implant?

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  • Horse
    Mike, Unless I'm misreading the product description the smart implant device is ZWave, so the 1 Wire devices will show up as child devices through Wave. I have Fibaro's Door sensor which also has support for a a DS18B20 1 wire temp sensor (at least one, never tried more than 1) and when I install it, the door contact sensor just adds a temp sensor to the door contact ZWave device. I will look at this device as the other Fibaro devices are nice and this looks useful. Depends on the cost as there are other options (non Wave) for dry contact, temperature (DS18B20) and Temp / Humidity (DHT22)

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  • fresnoboy
    started a topic Ultrawire support for Fibaro implant?

    Ultrawire support for Fibaro implant?

    So i was at the Fibaro booth at CES this week. The new (tiny) "implant" device ( that is a z-wave dry contact switch and sensor also has the ability to handle 6 dallas 1-wire devices

    Could this be supported by this plugin?