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Ultra1Wire2 HSPI For HomeSeer2

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    Ultra1Wire2 HSPI For HomeSeer2

    Ultra1Wire2 HSPI for HomeSeer

    Ultra1Wire2 is the next generation HomeSeer plug-in that makes tracking temperature and humidity in your home easy. By using the Embedded Data Systems Intelligent 1-Wire Interface Adapters and/or the Midon Design TEMP08 Serial One Wire Interface, this plug-in automatically creates and maintains a HomeSeer device for each 1-Wire environmental sensor detected. In addition, the temperature and humidity values for each environmental sensor are inserted into an underlying database for easy graphing/charting purposes.

    This plug-in is *not* compatible with Ultra1Wire and is not an upgrade. Ultra1Wire2 is a 100% complete re-write. In addition, the underlying database and HomeSeer devices are not compatible. If you decided to upgrade to Ultra1Wire2, you'll need to print out the RomID's from each 1-wire device so you can re-define the room and location for the new HomeSeer devices.

    Ultra1Wire2 Features:
    • Automatically discovers and builds HomeSeer devices for each DS18S20 and DS18B20 temperature sensors.
    • Automatically discovers and builds HomeSeer devices for Humidity sensors.
    • Logs all temperature readings to a OLEDB aware database. Default database uses SQLite (database included).
    • Ability to open and close database connections while plug-in is running.
    • Debugging output to troubleshoot database connection issues.
    • Ability to specify custom database connection strings.
    • Ability to purge database records after a specified number of months.
    • Ability to trigger HomeSeer2 events based on the device temperature.
    • Charts available via FusionCharts (flash based).

    Ultra1Wire2 Features Planned:
    • Automatically discovers and builds HomeSeer devices for other sensors supported by the TEMP08.
    • Support for 1-wire counters.

    1-Wire Interfaces Supported:

    1-Wire Temperature Sensors Supported:
    • DS18S20 temperature sensors (~ $6 each)
    • DS18B20 temperature sensors (~ $6 each)
    • DS2438 based humidity/temperature sensors (~ $50 each)
    • DS2406 baesed 1-wire switches (currently detects the switches and reports on the value)
    • DS2423 based counters.
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    Change Log

    Version 1.0.3948.21025 - Released 10 23, 2010
    • The HA7Net beta firmware used HEX for web page addressing instead of digits which limited the sensors to 0-9. I modified the code to recognize either.

    Version 1.0.4009.16700 - Released Dec 23, 2010
    • Increased wait time to allow HA7Net and OWServers to respond to discovery query.

    Version 1.0.4046.35518 - Released Jan 30, 2011

    Version 1.0.4057.38022 - Released Feb 09, 2011
    • Modified discovery routines to deal with possible errors that can occur during the UDP query.

    Version 1.0.4063.31255 - Released Feb 15, 2011
    • Fixed issue causing phantom devices to be created when an HA7Net 1-wire search results returned an error.

    Version 1.0.4088.17722 - Released March 12, 2011
    • Option to display device temperature degree image now works.
    • Updated icons to 32x32 png (renamed to .gif)

    Version 1.0.4128.17964 - Released April 21, 2011

    Version 1.0.4246.36044 - Released Aug 17, 2011
    • Fixed issues assoicated with HP Touchpad

    Version 1.0.4410.18115 - Released Jan 28, 2012
    • Fixed several issues assoicated with the TEMP08 1-Wire adapter including initialization and 1-wire counters and 1-wire switches.
    • New Feature: The underlying SQLite database will automatically be rotated at the beginning of the month. This feature will greatly improve charting performance on low power, low memory and low CPU HomeSeer systems.

    Version 1.0.4678.37462 - Released Oct 22, 2012
    • Added option to allow you to manually add an HA7Net or OWServer that cannot be discovered on the local network.
    • Fixed issue reading sensors using TEMP08 when connected via serial port.

    Version 1.0.4703.31243 - Released Dec 21, 2012
    • Fixed temperature reporting when HomeSeer system uses a comma as a decimal separator.
    • Added support for theMS-TL - Temperature and Light Level Sensor when used with the HA7Net or OWServer 1-Wire network adapter.

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