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Need to find my devices...

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    Need to find my devices...

    I've been running HS2 forever and now moving to HS3.

    I went into the HA7net web page and found under Forms / Search that I can find my Temp08 Devices
    They all end with "10" except the last one which ends in "27"
    I have 5 Temp08 devices and 5 devices with serial number/ID ending in "10", now I just need to figure out which device is which.
    Can someone tell me what the device with the serial number/ID ending in "27" might be?

    The plugin states I must manually add the devices that can't be discovered (TEMP08).
    When I go to the HS3 Devices page I see my Temp08 devices.
    Do I still need to manually add the devices in the plug-in?
    I added one manually and that incremented the Temp08 device count from 0 to 1 in the plugin.

    I'm confused, should I manually add the rest or remove the one I manually entered?

    Thank you,
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