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Debugging connections to OW-SERVER-ENET

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    Debugging connections to OW-SERVER-ENET


    After having got the plugin to connect to the OWServer, I find I have a new problem...

    The plugin is querying the OWServer (I have wiresharked the connection and can see the HTML session for the xml file work all the way through), but the plugin status page is showing no connections.

    I turned up the logging to 'debug', but very little extra information is shown.

    Thinking that maybe something had got corrupted, I deleted the OWServer device and re-created it. Still didn't work, but I got an error message: "DataTables warning: table id=table_devices - Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see".

    So, as far as I can tell, the plugin is retrieving the data from the OWServer box, but not populating the database and not feeding any of the sensor information through to HS3.

    Anybody got any ideas where I should be looking to solve this?



    Originally posted by NAB View Post
    I find I have a new problem...
    Got it.

    So the plugin does query the OWServer successfully without a port after the IP address, but it doesn't actually store anything or use the information unless the port is specified.

    Thus "" does query the OWServer, but "" is needed for it to get the information into the database and into HS3.

    Interesting quirk!



      I'm guessing you are using this with HS2 due to the forum. I only have the documentation for HS3 where it is stated:

      Connection Address: If you are using a network connection, enter the IP address and port number using the format ipaddressort (e.g.

      You might let Randy (UltraJones) know if it is not clear in the HS2 documentation.
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