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HS3 + TEMP08 + HobbyBoards Humidity sensor = a few problems

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    Yes, I see that Humidity graph is available thru a drop-down menu.

    As of reading electrical current I use a board that Mitch (MidonDesign) sent me back in 2010. He used a spare board and soldered a couple components there and I placed the board inside of the TEMP08.
    The board is connected to the a split-core 3110 sensor that monitors status of my mini-split AC and I have ventilation events based on its reading.

    I had to install an additional 1-wire jack on TEMP08 (seen on the picture with a "Clarity" label on it) and in addition to standard "GND", "DQ" and "+5V" wires I added a "+12V" (for Hobbyboards Humindity sensor) and two wires for current 3110 sensor - total I use 6 wires out of 8 available in an Ethernet cable.
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      Hi, Ultra

      I have been testing my network for some time now and have no problems with Temp and Hum reading/charting .
      Can you please let me know if a graph for Voltage can be added to charts?
      Thank you
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