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Prevent Airplay Speak from interrupting current Airplay audio

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    Prevent Airplay Speak from interrupting current Airplay audio

    I am wondering if it is possible to prevent Airplay Speak from playing audio if the Airplay device is currently in use.

    My current situation is that I have an hourly chime (a WAV file) that is played through Airplay Speak. If I am listening to music streaming from my phone via Airplay to my speaker, the music would get interrupted each hour when Airplay Speak plays the hourly chime.

    In the past, if one device was using Airplay, other devices were not able to play. Is this behaviour that can be changed?

    Actually this may be my bad. I just tried testing with an iPhone an iPad. One AirPlaying, and then the other to try airplaying at the same time. The latter device cuts off the first. So the behaviour is normal then.

    Funny thing is that my recollection of the past was that the playing device would block others from airplaying. Anybody have exeperience to share?


      Don't have any idea if this can be done and it would Only work for Airplay devices you make yourself from a RaspberryPi.

      I'm thinking if one can get two copies of the Airplay player running on the Pi then you could use one for AirplaySpeak and the other one for steaming. You would have to assign two IP addresses to each Pi so each Airplay driver has it's own but that not hard to do. You should be able to use the audio mixer in the Pi to mix the two streams slightly muting one if desired.

      Anyway, just an idea I might try when I get some free time.
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