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No speaker clients in new events after upgrade and reformatting.

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    No speaker clients in new events after upgrade and reformatting.

    Hi Guys, a little help needed with an issue.
    I recently reformatted my Windows 10 machine and loaded HS3 from backup. I then upgraded to HS4. I have had some issues and figured most out by reading the forums. This one has me stumped. Everything was fine until i decided to create a new event and use Airspeak. When i do this there are no Airplay speakers to choose from in HS4. There was the computer default speaker until i removed it in setup/network/Default speaker client. The older events with Airplay speak have the speakers listed and i can check or uncheck them at will. but no way to add one. The speakers are listed in the config for Airplay speak they are all checked and work on the older events that have them listed already. There are no startup log errors and the plugin has been included in the firewall exceptions.
    Any Ideas?

    Date/time=2/6/2021 1:29:18 PM Central Standard Time
    Version=HS4 Standard Edition (Windows)
    License ID=662793
    MyHS Subscription=Basic
    MyHS Subscription Backup Interval=No Backup
    MyHS Subscription Max Cameras=1
    Confguration File=C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS4\Data\HomeSeerData.json
    In Virtual Machine=No MFG: asustek computer inc.
    Antivirus=Windows Defender
    OS=Microsoft Windows 10 Home - Work Station
    OS Version=10.0.19042
    Uptime=0 Days 1 Hour 38 Minutes 47 Seconds

    Device Count=241
    Event Count=121
    Last Event Ran=Shop Alarms : Shop Door check closed, Ran at 2/6/2021 1:13:45 PM
    # of unique event scripts=0
    Processor:=x64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 at 3.26 GHz
    Modules/Threads=149 Modules, 85 Threads
    Available Threads=1023
    System Load=134 Processes, 14% Load
    Free/Total Memory=1.17 GBytes / 3.16 GBytes (37% free)
    Free/Total Virtual Memory=720.86 MBytes / 4.47 GBytes (16% free)
    HomeSeer Memory Used=84 Mbytes
    Plugin Memory Used=10 EXE Plug-Ins using 280 Mbytes
    Plugins Installed=AirplaySpeak,BLShutdown,Blue-Iris,Ecobee,iTunesDAAP,MeiHarmonyHub,Modbus 3.9.6431.26038,UltraNetCam3 3.0.6413.20219,weatherXML,Z-Wave

    Forgot to add that I did get a new surround receiver. It works just fine with ItunesDAAP as it is Apple AirPlay2 compatible. I do get this error in the log file when trying to broadcast to all speakers.
    2/6/2021 2:02:18 PM
    INFO Connection to Marantz SR5015 ( failed: Request failed, error RTSP/1.0 403 Forbidden

    This is probably a different issue as i think the port addressing for the Marantz is wrong. I tried changing it in the AirplaySpeak.ini file to 23 but got the same error afterwards.
    2/7/20 Ok so after some reading the airplay expresses of which I have 5, have updated to include airplay2 and I have read that AirplaySpeak does not support Airplay2. They are updated to version 7.8.1 firmware. They are working in the events that they are included before they updated. They are not available to include into a new event. Does anyone know if this is because of the airplay2 issue?
    I understand the Marantz issue being airplay2 but not the airport express as they should be backward compatible.
    Is there a work around or another plug in we can use for notifications over airplay? Can someone please point me in the right direction here?