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Airplay Speak - HS2 User Guide

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  • Airplay Speak - HS2 User Guide

    Step 1: Install the plugin from the updater and enable it form the Setup / Interfaces menu

    Step 2: turn on your AirPlay capable devices. Then they should be automatically discovered by HS. In your logs you should see some lines like the followings:
    04/03/2013 3:18:18 PM  - AirplaySpeak - Found Service: D830623275DE@AirPort Express 1
    04/03/2013 3:18:19 PM  - AirplaySpeak - Resolved Service: D830623275DE - AirPort Express 1 -

    Step 3: from Setup / Interfaces menu click config and adjust volumes for each speaker

    Step 4: setup some event action of type "Speak". If you leave the host field blank, the speech will be sent to all enabled AirPlay devices as well as all HS Speaker Clients. You can target specifics AirPlay devices (or specific speaker clients) by setting the name of this device exactly as it appears in the config page (see second screenshot below)
    Instead of some text to be spoken, you can set a WAV, MP3 or AIFF file to be played.

    That's it!
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