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Integration with iTunes DAAP

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  • Integration with iTunes DAAP

    So I am getting ready to purchase both plugins after a month of trying out and have one more question. Is there a way to have this detect if music was playing, pause it, then restart post announcement? If not could use help writing a script to do so.

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    here is a way to do it without any script:

    create two events, one to disable your airplay speaker, another one to enable it like on the screenshot below. Note the wait action in the disable event, it is needed to let the Airplay speaker disconnect from itunes and be avaible for the Airplay Speak plugin. The amount to wait may depend on the type of speaker you have.
    Click image for larger version

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    Then go to the Airplay speak config and assign those events as "Event Before" and "Event After" for this specific speaker
    Click image for larger version

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    Then when you run a speak action, the speaker should automatically be disabled in itunes, then the message should be spoker, then the speaker should be enabled again in iTunes.

    For more complex scenario in which for example you don't want to re-enable the speaker it it wasn't enable in iTunes in the first place, you may have to do scripting.


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      Is there a way to disable all speakers at one then re-enable? The scripting you mention might be ideal. I would really like to just stop the music, speak the message, and continue but understand if that isn't feasible but that integration would be really cool.
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        If you want to pause music instead of disabling the speaker, just set the "iTunes DAAP status" to pause in your disable event, and then to play in your enable event.
        The problem with this solution is that it will set itunes to play even if it wasn't playing anything before. So you may need scripting to know if itunes was playing or not


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          That's the solution I came to as well, a script that would confirm if it was playing, pause it, then resume. Maybe setting a global variable for iTunes previous state. Just too fried from work (project mgmt) to think about scripting..


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            So I've been blazing through this set up. Question, I am running WeatherXML and need to create a script to pause the iTunes if it was playing. I did that with an event already so I didn't know if I should put that into a script or just write a script to trigger the event and then wait for it to finish. Want to lend me a hand with either?