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Speech not occurring when directed to a specific client

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    Speech not occurring when directed to a specific client

    Direction speech to a specific client isn't working running Airbubble on android. It does fine on my apple TV. Sending out to everything runs fine to. Here are the screenshots and below is the log. It is set to debug but doesn't output much on this specific situation. If I send it to all clients or the apple TV it puts out all of the data (seen in my previous posts) Got any ideas? It's more of an annoyance than anything else:

    Jul-18 5:07:00 PM weatherXML Run between 0 23
    Jul-18 5:06:43 PM TTS Speak: (touchpad:*):test
    Jul-18 5:06:43 PM Event Event Trigger "Announcements test"
    Jul-18 5:06:43 PM Event Event Announcements test triggered by the event page 'Run' button.
    Attached Files

    very weird it looks as if "touchpad" was not recognized as an Airplay speaker
    the only thing I can think of is that somehow this speaker name has some invisible character like a trailing space.

    could you send me your AirplaySpeak.ini?


      thank you for the file

      the problem is that you have 2 devices called touchpad, first one is disabled, second one is enabled. So when you try to send some speech to "touchpad" the plugin finds the first one and does nothing as it is disabled.

      in AirplaySpeak.ini delete the one which is disabled or rename it to something else.


        Fixed the issue thanks man!