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How to shut off Airplayspeak when Alarm Disarmed?

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    How to shut off Airplayspeak when Alarm Disarmed?

    I have an event setup that get activated when my DSCSpud goes into Alarm, it plays a siren sound via a wav file using a Speak Something command, then a wait 2 seconds and this is repeated 10 times.

    This works fine, plays over my Airplay speakers (very loud) but I want to be able to stop the noise when I Disarm my alarm, say it was set off by mistake.

    I have tried using Cancel An Event to cancel the event that plays the sounds when the Alarm is disarmed but the event continues playing the siren file 10 times until completed.

    Is there any command in Airplayspeak to just stop all sound?

    you can use the SetSpeakerEnabled scripting function to disable the airplay speaker. There is an example at the end of the user guide.
    but of course you would have to re-enable it at some point, so maybe you should investigate why the cancel event does not work instead.


      Cancel Another Running Event not working?

      Here's what I get in the log when I try and cancel the event that is running, the cancel event below and the original event which plays the siren wav file about 10 times.

      I tried Speaking the siren file with 2 second waits in between and also without checking the Wait for Speaking To Finish box, same result, won't turn off.

      Can you see any problems in my events?
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        I don't know why you get a warning saying it can't find the event...

        As rpgrade said it in the other thread I would use some Wait actions instead of "Wait for Speaking to Finish", because I'm not sure how "Wait for Speaking to Finish" is supposed to work and if it works well with AirplaySpeak.
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          Hi Spud,
          I moved the question over to the Event Clinic since I thought it was more of me not understanding the Cancel Event, anyway no go.

          Since the Airport Express playing through the Sony AV receiver shuts off via the DSC Alarm Disarm,(using the Harmony Hub Plugin) I just edited the Speaker Client List to just play the alarm siren via the Express & eliminated the other 2 Airplay speakers. Still plenty loud!

          Thanks for your support.