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Revisiting some issues

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    Revisiting some issues

    Okay, it's been a while but most everything in the house is set up and working well thanks to many on this board, including RPrade who has thoughtful and detailed posts. Thank you.

    Now, to my specific issues. I decided to post here because the 3 plugins that I am using and want help with are from Spud - great stuff, by the way.


    The speakers play HS3 announcements just fine. But, the announcements are played over all the speakers.

    [See attachment # 1]

    As you can see, the AppleTVs list fine but my other AirPlay speakers (Philips Fidelio) show as unknown.

    When I create an event and I want an announcement played on a specific speaker, the above listed speakers are not in the client list.

    [See attachment # 2]

    So, question #1 is how do I get my speakers into the client list?
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    Originally posted by Rvtravlr View Post
    So, question #1 is how do I get my speakers into the client list?
    Enter the name of your airplay speaker in the text field which is at the left of the add button, then click Add.

    Only the HS speakers are listed in the client list by default, I have asked for this feature to be added to the HS API for years but it has never been done.


      Thank you, Spud. This worked for me. And I, too, would hope that HST would provide a hook for your great PI.


        I am trying out this plugin for my two Apple TVs. The version 3 (not the latest).

        If finds my two Apple TVs just fine-- but I get the following.

        I have no fancy network setup. All this is on a switch between HS and AppleTV.

        They have no security set.

        I looked through the board and seems others have this but have not found resolution.

        I can airplay to this TV just fine from my Mac or IPad.

        Sep-10 10:52:37 PM AirplaySpeak INFO Connection to Apple TV ( failed: Request failed, error RTSP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
        Sep-10 10:52:04 PM TTS Speak: ():This is a test of the speaker client
        Sep-10 10:52:04 PM AirplaySpeak INFO (Apple TV): This is a test of the speaker client
        Sep-10 10:52:04 PM Event Event Trigger "Scripts Test speaker"
        HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

        Plug-Ins Enabled:
        weatherXML:,JowiHue:,APCUPSD:,PHLocation:,Chromecast:,EasyTr igger:



          Look at this thread