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  • Installation Issues

    Building a new HS3 system wiith new computer but having issues with the install of this plugin (did have it working in HS2 on a different system). After downloading and enabling the plugin, I'm trying to set the com port [COM12] but I can't seem to open it. Nothing happens when I select the "open" button on the status screen.

    I've confirmed that the port is correct and it is open. When I restart HS3, I get a popup message about registering the plugin (same issue with the BLLED plugin). I've tried to...

    1. Shutdown HS
    2. Go to the Data\BLAB8SS\Registration folder under your HS folder and execute the MSCommControl.reg file as an administrator.
    3. Restart HS

    But the issue remains. Turned on debug but not much appears in the log. Any help would be appreciated.
    Regards, Bob

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    Removed the plugin, rebooted the computer and tried to reinstall. Still no luck. Hope to find a solution to this as it is key to the system.
    Regards, Bob


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      What windows version?
      Put in a ticket on my web site and do the following.

      1. Shutdown HS3
      2. Edit the hspi_BLAB8SS.ini file in your config folder and change debugLevel=true
      3. Save ini file
      4. Restart HS3
      5. Once HS3 is started then go to the options web page in the BLAB8SS plugin and disable debug logging

      Attach the BLAB8SS-Detailed.log file zipped to the help desk ticket you create on my web site
      Web site | Help Desk | Feature Requests | Message Board


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        Done. Thanks for the help.
        Regards, Bob