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    Is this plugin supported?

    Hi... Is this plugin supported? IS there documentation somewhere?

    I am building a whole home audio system for a new house. In general, each zone will have a chromecast audio device feeding an input to a L/R channel in on one of 3 Crestron 16x60 amps (they are awesome amps BTW). I don't need to switch one chromecast device to multiple zones, but I do have 3 potential uses for this plugin:

    1) I was thinking about using the Chromecast plugin to speak announcements into various zones in the house. But if I interrupt playback of a Chromecast zone by using the plugin to stream to the Chromecast the announcement, I don't think there is a way of restarting the stream. If on the other hand I could switch the inputs to the soundcard from my HS3 system, then I could just pause the existing stream, switch the inputs of the amp to the HS3 system, speak the announcement, then switch back to the Chromecasts and resume play. Much cleaner.

    2) I have a set of TV's that have their audio backhauled to the WHA hub rack. When the TV gets turned on, I want the speakers to switch the audio feed the TV as long as the TV is active. After a certain amount of time, I want to flip back to the Chromecast. I can do that with one of these devices per TV: But if I could use the XAP800, it would be cheaper and more programmable (depending on what the plugin supports).

    Bonus points would be able to detect audio on any zone and automatically bring the amps out of standby (they don't do audio detection). That could be done with the i/o outputs of the XAP800s or with an HS3 I/O device. Right now, I can tell if a Chromecast is playing via the plugin, and have HS3 close a relay to make the amp active. For the TV use case, the MCM box has a relay output which can be used to activate the standby relay if the TV audio channel goes active. But the XAP could do this all very neatly.

    So, is the plugin still supported, and if so, can it do all the things I am looking for, and how would I configure this?

    BTW, I think my approach of using Chromecasts on multizone amps is THE way going forward to do WHA. There are a ton of posts on AVSforum and other forums about many people going this route. The one painful thing that doesn't work is switching in audio from non internet devices like TV STB's, etc... Having a plugin like this that can support using an XAP800 to do this cleanly would be super useful to many people I think.