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Connection Problem with Denon AVR-4810CI

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  • Connection Problem with Denon AVR-4810CI

    I download and tried the plugin last night. I couldnt get the plugin to connect with the Denon no matter what port I tried.

    I have a AVR-4810CI and I can hit the unit on the local LAN and interact with the web page controller no problem. I presume the port number is 80, since I dont type anything but the LAN IP address to access the unit.

    Is there another port I should be using? Or is the AVR-4810CI not supported?


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    Sorrt... It is really hit and miss on which ones will work.
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      My 4307 uses port 23 for control....


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        Having no luck here or with the other Denon plugin on this board, I had no alternative but to use the webpage control for some simple commands.

        I noticed that the PDA pages on the Denon control webpage were using .asp, and I was able to successfully control the power and source and mute using .asp functions by using geturl scripting. However, I need to be able to determine status of the amp. I havent figured out how to do this with .asp. There is a different webpage that is not the PDA control page and it appears to be using java commands inside html, and I havent got a clue there. Ive tried googling for Denon documents without success.

        Do you have any idea how I can get amp status without using the plugins?


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          I actually got the plugin communicating correctly. I found the protocol document on the France Denon site and found out that port 23 was the proper port.

          My LAN settings had telnet blocked. Once I opened up port 23 everything works great.


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            I'm trying to get vb scripts in homeseer (blade plugin) working with my denon 4810 avr, but it does nothing. The "denon control" part is working, so it doesn't look like a network communication problem. Is there someone who has a working vb script example for turning the power of the denon off? And a step by step instruction.

            Thanks in advance.