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How to set input source in the event.action Denon plug-in

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  • How to set input source in the event.action Denon plug-in

    The plug-in for controlling aDenon receiver is doing almost everything that I need in the operation of my Denon 4306. The only problem I am having is with selecting the correct input source using an action controlling the device when I try I to create an event.
    Under devices I can find and select the device created by the plug-in that relates to the audio input source.Under the drop-down list however rather than seeing CD, DVD, etc. I see choices that would normally relate to a simple lamp device such as On, Off, Set the Value Etc.

    Thank you in advance for any tips or help

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    I've noticved the same thing when I started using this plugin. I'm startinto feel like I regret buying it. It's cool that I control it from a webpage but that's not what I thought I was only getting. I can already do that from a free iPhone app. What I want is to control the Denon from Homeseer through triggers and such. As far as I can tell you can't do that. Are we missing something?


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      The documentation shows script commands

      The solution is in the documentation which I missed. Yes, different plug-ins place their documentation in different locations. Under the main HomeSeer Help tab at the top of the page you will see and area for the plug-in. Within that it explains some basic scripts which you use for controls such as source, volume, etc. You create an event triggered anyway you wish to run a script. You can use basic script commands from the help section to accomplish what you want. The only thing I have found is that on my Denon receiver there is a main power of and on but also way separate off and on control for his zones two and three. The plug-in does not seem to have commands to power these. Up. Everything else works.
      Let me know if you have any more problems. Kevin


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        My new AVRS900W responds to the plugin for the basics, but there is no input option for Online Music or Online radio. In the online music there are subchoices for Pandora and Flickr and others. Is there a way to get to these choices or is the plugin going to be updated?